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My Story

Some of the most important questions that I struggled with finding acceptable answers for were; what am I suppose to do with my money?  Where should I put it and how much should I put?  Then I realized that there were two specific time frames to work with that I was interested in; short term and long term.

"They" Say

Our society programed my thinking so that when I got paid, I was suppose to put that money into my savings account and leave it there so that I could make interest on it.

Then, when I got enough money there, I was suppose to invest it - give it to a financial professional who can then make my money grow into even more money.

Then, when I get a great job with retirement benefits, I was suppose to put as much as I could into my retirement - at the very least the amount that they were going to match, because that matched money is free money, and who doesn't want free money?

In actuality though, every dollar that you can, you should put into that retirement because... well, that is what everyone says to do and does. Right?

I Bought In

I banked my money like a good follower... just like what everyone said to do.

I had some decent money accumulated and a friend talked me into investing with her boss.  I was so skeptical but he was such a silver-tongued devil and said all the right things that he got the money that I was setting aside for my children's education.

Long story short, he lost it all and they called the State Police when I got to his office and starting confronting him about it.

I Was "That Guy"

I was starting a new job

My employer was setting up my paycheck and I had never had retirement plans to consider.  When we got to them deducting money from my paycheck for that, I really was not on board.

I asked questions... too many questions for them.

I asked questions that they had to reach out to someone else to get the answers.

I asked questions that they said they had never been asked before.

So what was I asking?

I was simply trying to use my common sense in so far as trying to understand the mentality of why I would take a percentage of my hard-earned money and lock it away from myself?

The employee match, which they called 'free money' made me even more skeptical!  How much would I earn on that money and how much would I have?

Couldn't answer.

How much tax would I owe on that money?

Couldn't answer.

It made me feel as if I was going to go into a bank for a loan but they wouldn't tell me what the interest rate was, what the payment amount was or when the loan was due!?

I don't know about you but I sure as heck wouldn't sign up for that!

Not Interested

They attempted to explain their reasons for why I wanted to do this.

The more I questioned the fact that they could not give me the mathematical answers to the questions I was asking, the more suspicious and less interested I became.

The more suspicious and less interested I became, the harder they began to push.  The harder they began to push, the harder I dug in to resist.

As a last ditch effort on their part, I vividly remember them turning to the 'because that's what everyone does' line... and with that, I was out!

I don't do things just because everyone does them, I do things because in my heart and in my brain - using my common sense - it feels like the right thing to do.

Decades of Reflection

Fast forward 30 years or so and my prayers and intense research had been answered.

Yes, I had actually prayed a lot about finding clarity through all the financial mis-information I had been wading through looking for the answers to my questions.

Was I wrong to not participate in that retirement account?  Nope!

Was there a better way to handle my finances than the way that everyone says to and does?  Absolutely Yes!

Will I share this with you?  Yes, of course!  BUT... note the large BUT, you will have to wipe your mind clean of everything that you think you know about finances!

There's a great saying I love that fits perfectly here; minds are like parachutes, they work best when fully open.  You'll need to listen with an open mind and be willing to look at things with a completely different perspective!

Is it difficult to learn?  No, not really... BUT, there is actually a problem that I want to make you aware of that might seem a bit strange.  The problem is that the solution is simple, ridiculously simple.  It is so simple that most people, especially educated people, over-think it, over-analyze it and actually miss it!

You Are The Borrower

That is the problem!

Our society has programed us all to become The Borrower.  Seriously... give that statement some time to sink in and think about that.  How have we been programed to think?

Debt is Bad.  Debt isn't bad, it makes the banker really wealthy!

When we get paid, we put our money in the bank... someone else's bank.

We used to deposit our paychecks into our savings accounts at the bank.  Why did we do that?

To earn some interest on our money before we had to move it into our checking accounts, so that we could pay our bills.

The bank would then be able to lend money out against our deposits.  They pay you minimal interest for them to be able to hold, access and use your money.

Then when you want to borrow money from them, they charge you much more interest.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for THEM... The BANKER!

Giving Away Our Wealth

The Banker have even figured out how to make us think that it is smarter to pay down debt faster rather than focus on building our wealth first.

Everyone knows that in business the golden rule is to always pay yourself first, so why instead of building our wealth do we pay our debt off faster with our 'extra' money?

It's because we don't know where or how to build our wealth.  We certainly haven't been taught any common sense financial strategies!

We don't even teach our children anything about money and finances, but that's another discussion.

What We Really Want

How about putting our money somewhere that (these are our Reserve Requirements/Characteristics):

  • Instead of making the corner bankers richer, would make us richer
  • We would always have access to and use of our money
  • We would always be in control of our money
  • Our money would be guaranteed to grow
  • Our money would not be taxed
  • Our money would not be exposed to RISK
  • We could use our money over and over and over again
  • We could begin to build multi-generational wealth

Too Good To Be True

If I had a dime for every time I heard that...

I completely understand if I have triggered your skeptical alarm!  It did mine.

There are two types of people that are reading this right now; those that are very interested but skeptical and those that are negative and skeptical.

To the negative and skeptical... thank you for your time.

For the very interested but skeptical... I am about to give you... the keys to the city 😉

The Keys to The City

Think and Act Like The Banker

This is probably one of the most challenging goals you will ever attempt to attain!

Your whole life you have created your own financial beliefs and habits. (Please understand that I commend you for getting to where you are now with your finances and do not want you to think that I am ever talking down to you. I only want to lift you up with this information.)

Albert Einstein

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

We solve our financial problem by thinking like The Banker.

Action Plan

What's the first thing that "The Banker" needs to do?

Create reserves.

So we need to first create our reserves.

How do we as individuals, or businesses, create reserves?

First we need to find the perfect place to create our reserves. We have some pretty specific requirements for the place that we want to create our reserves.

Remember that we listed these requirements above under "What We Really Want".

Profound Moment

I know that reading through the list of requirements that we want for our reserves seems a little... okay, a lot unrealistic, but that is why I have spent so much of my time and energy trying to share this knowledge.

I myself was sucked into the vortex hell of The Borrower, simply because I did not know about this.

Coming to the realization that such a place does exist where the characteristics of where we found to hold and accumulate our money matched almost exactly to what our requirements were, was one of the most profound moments in my life!

So I want to show you exactly how this works.


Open Your Mind

The place, or mechanism, that we are going to create our reserves in has been around for over 200 years.

It is called participating (dividend-paying) whole life insurance.

The problem is that while this has been around for over 200 years, very few people, including the people that actually work in the life insurance companies, know how the business works.

To structure these policies, so they work exactly as we want them to, takes someone with this special knowledge. (... and I would be honored to help you structure yours.)

Show Me

I'm the guy that sticks his head up the cows butt to see where my steak comes from. (Tommy Boy movie reference anyone... *smiling*)

So while most people might not need to know the specific details, I did and now I am going to show you why creating your reserves in a specifically designed dividend-paying life insurance policy is one of, if not THE, smartest thing to do!

Details, Details, Details

Years ago I had a friend that while I was learning this, he came along for the ride.

I know he caught my excitement about all this and while he really didn't fully understand it then, he was all in and wanted me to setup the same thing that I setup for myself for him.

Years later, while reviewing all his investments, he called me about his policy and asked me to explain.  He has gracefully given me his permission to share it and I think that it really explains the particular dynamics of this policy that I learned to design.

I dive really deep into all of the numbers and explain in detail how these types of policies work to your ultimate advantage.

I understand that this might be way too much information for the average person, but after reviewing this, I know that you will see why this is the most perfect place to hold and accumulate your wealth!

An Extremely Detailed Video Explanation Of

An Over-Funded Whole Life Insurance Policy

You can just watch here by clicking the play button below...

Click to play

The Lesson

What did this experience teach me?

  • The little voice in my head was right (even though I was starting to think I was looking for something that did not exist)
  • Sometimes you have to really trust and stay true to your inner feelings
  • It's perfectly okay to blaze your own trail rather than follow the crowd
  • There is a much greater force at work to keep us all in debt
  • It's okay to be skeptical as long as you keep your mind open

What's The Point

I found what I was looking for!

I didn't know how to handle my money as well as I thought.

I wrongly followed the crowd putting my money in corner banks and when I wanted to buy something that I couldn't afford, I used the corner bank and allowed them to have me indebted to them because I didn't know any better.

The reason most of us don't focus on building our wealth is, first of all, we were never taught and second of all, this information is not easily available.

I stopped making myself poorer by trying to pay my debt off faster and started creating my wealth.

I stopped thinking like The Borrower and began thinking and acting like The Banker!

For Your Best,


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