If what you thought to be true about money - turned out NOT to be true...

How soon would you want to know?
How about now?

Stop Giving Your Money Away!

I can help you find the money that you are currently transferring away from yourself unknowingly and unnecessarily.  We can then use this money to start implementing strategies or enhance strategies you are already using to create and strengthen your multi-generational wealth building.

Where Should I Be Putting My Money?

  • Should I pay my house or other debts off faster?
  • Should I be hammering more money into my retirement accounts or putting it somewhere else?
  • Where is the smartest place to put my money?
  • Should I lease or should I buy my next car?
  • How should I pay for large purchases?
  • How should I pay for my children’s education?
  • Can I calculate exactly how much I will have for retirement after taxes and inflation are accounted for?
  • Will my family be taken care of in case something were to happen to me?

Any of Those Questions Ring a Bell?

You're not alone!  Thousands of people across the country are asking similar questions every single day.   

Here's what happened to me...

I just wanted to know what we should be doing with our 'extra' money!

My beautiful wife Eileen and I had finally started accumulating some money in our savings account. This 'extra' money actually created another question I needed to be answered: What is the smartest thing to do with this 'extra' money?

I started to see a trend that as soon as I began researching subjects of ‘finances' and 'financial strategies’, there was a whole avalanche of information that I had to dig through.  My issues with this research are first trying to separate the opinions from the facts and then trying to identify the truth from the lies.

True Financial Education is intentionally NOT taught!

I went to college and took business courses and financial courses and economic courses - and you know what… I’ll quote one of my most favorite mentors, R. Nelson Nash, he always used to say: “Lies, lies, lies.”

I learned that even what was being taught from the school text books about finances was not all truth!?

So it's not your fault if you are struggling with trying to figure out what the best way to handle your finances is!  It's designed that way. There is obviously a master reason or plan for keeping us all in debt.

I can hear you advising me to “Invest” our extra money.  I did do what “everybody” says to do and ‘invested’ it… with “professionals”... and what happened?  I lost it all!

At least I learned a very valuable lesson… before I ever give and trust anyone else with my money, I’ll do something myself with it. As far as ‘investing’… nope, not happening!

Introducing: A Completely New Way to Handle Our Finances...

It involves using Common Sense,

and not putting our money at risk or to be taxed!

I became involved in an alliance that was formed to promote learning how to become a family banker (using your money to grow your wealth). A few months after joining, it was strongly suggested that I attend a four-day seminar in Salt Lake City, that the alliance was sponsoring.

The purpose of this seminar was to meet R. Nelson Nash, author of The Infinite Banking Concept, Becoming Your Own Banker, and for him to present his financial strategies from his book and then study his real world cases.

Paul, one of the organizers, knew that not only would this answer my question of what to do with extra monthly money, but he knew that I would absolutely love it, because it made perfect sense and most importantly... it was based on common sense!

Mentor's advice resonated with me!

“Just get out here” he instructed, “how much is it going to cost?” I suspiciously asked. “The cost is agreeing to pay it forward by sharing this information with as many people as possible” he answered... and with that, I was all in!

While I really wanted Eileen to attend with me, she was working out of state at the time and respectfully declined.  After telling our son Rory that Mom wasn’t going with me, he asked if he could go, which totally surprised and absolutely excited me.

I love spending time with Rory...

Spending time with Rory, like riding the chairlift together, is great one-on-one time when we bare our souls and talk about whatever we want with each other. Being on that seminar trip with him was just another one of those amazing memorable times.

When Nelson spoke, he had an amazing way to capture your attention... but I did struggle trying to catch onto some of his principles and felt embarrassed when Rory looked up at me during day two and asked, “You get all of this, right?”  Obviously he did.

Things finally clicked for me on day four  

That day we were diving into the case studies. People and their businesses that had been significantly improving their financial situations, simply by using Nelson’s strategies, were sharing their amazing success stories and life lessons with us.

This real-life stuff was the most awesome part of the seminar and I wasn’t a bit shy about jumping on the questioning boat as I finally started to grasp the strategy.  I wanted to learn and understand everything that I could (yeah... that's me 😉 about this phenomenal concept so that I could start using it in my own life and pay it forward as I promised Paul and Nelson.

This was where the start of my understanding of exactly what to do with 'extra' monthly money began.

Maybe you don't have 'extra' money every month? ...or maybe it's because the way you're flowing your money? ...or maybe you do but are not 100% sure what to do next? ...or don't know if you're being most efficient with it?

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