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Your answers to the quiz revealed that you match the Labrador profile.  Not only is the Labrador a Hard Worker, but is also taking control of spending and cash flow.  That's you!

Are you wondering... why a Labrador?

After analyzing all the different types of people that I worked with, I realized that the way I created individualized action plans for each of them relied on their financial position when sitting down to pay their bills.

Some were NOT able to pay all of their bills every month.

Some were able to pay ALL of their bills every month.

Some were able to pay all of their bills every month and had plenty left over.

Most people work like dogs, often for no appreciation and little compensation.

That is why I got the idea to associate financial categories to that of dogs.

Appreciate your Ability!

Our society has made sure that basic financial education is difficult to understand.  I acknowledge the fact that your ability to get to where you are now with your finances is truly remarkable and you should be proud of your efforts.

Important to Know...

  • We need to know exactly where we are now financially in order to be able to formulate a successful game plan.  I know that most people will not spend the necessary time on their finances so they and their family can become wealthier... but you will, that's why you are reading this!
  • After learning new financial strategies, I always implemented the ones that seemed reasonable (used perfect common sense) immediately.  I had worked so hard for my money and I wanted to learn, understand and practice the absolute best strategies to execute with the money that I was working so hard for!
  • I realize that there are people like me reading this right now... they just want what I wanted: a simple, proven, common-sense solution.  That's what I found and am so excited to share with you.  While it IS simple, you WILL have to spend some time on it.  If you are ready... Let's GO!

The Labrador Action Plan

Step 1.

Enter your name and email in the box below to: 1) get added to my mailing list so I can send you my best tips and tricks customized for where you are in your financial journey, 2) get access to the Common Sense Monthly Budget Worksheet,  3) get access to the Common Sense Monthly Budget Worksheet Companion Video.

Step 2.

Download the Common Sense Monthly Budget Worksheet.  (Worried... don't be.  I got your back with a great Companion Video that you have access to and will simplify this for you. ;-)

Step 3.

Print out the downloaded Common Sense Monthly Budget Worksheet.  (Yes, I know... paper and pencil... whaaat?  Digital versions will be available but manually calculating deepens the understanding and helps the learning)

Step 4.

Head on over to the Companion Video so you can watch over our shoulder and see how really easy we made this for you!

Step 5.

You can populate the numbers in the worksheet throughout the course of the month, or if you are excited like I was, you can start populating the numbers in the worksheet right away.  What we want to find out is exactly where we are financially at the end of every month - How much did we go in the hole or did we have any left over.

Resources for The Labrador Action Plan

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